Ryan White Program

The Ryan White program stands as a pillar of support for individuals living with HIV, offering a wide range of essential services. Thanks to this grant, we extend outreach, preventive measures, identification support, and ongoing assistance, all customized to suit the individual needs of each person. We take great pride in serving Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, and Washington counties, ensuring that everyone in our program receives the compassionate care, understanding, and support they require to thrive.

      • Convenient access to services, testing, and case management tailored to your needs.
      • Case Management
      • HIV Rapid Testing
      • Primary Care
      • Dental
      • Behavioral Health
      • Pharmacy

For Additional Information

For additional information, such services or scheduling an appointment, please contact us. Together, let’s build healthier communities!

(850) 747-5272 Ext. 28

(850) 257-3232