School Telehealth Program

Our no-cost Telehealth Program enables the school health nurse to connect with PanCare providers over advanced video conferencing technology. This service prioritizes convenience for parents and accessibility for students, reducing treatment delays and minimizing absenteeism to enhance the learning experience. Our providers can also electronically send prescriptions to a pharmacy selected by parents.

With parental consent, the Telehealth Clinic offers students the opportunity to consult a licensed healthcare provider from PanCare directly at school. While parents may not need to be present for a Telehealth visit in some school districts, parental consent is required before each visit. The Telehealth Clinic is open when students are in school.

Schools with Telehealth Programs

TeleHealth allows the school health nurse to consult with PanCare medical professionals through the use of telecommunication technology. 

  • Arnold
  • Bay
  • Breakfast point
  • Callaway
  • Cedar Grove
  • Cherry Street
  • Dean Bozeman
  • Deer Point
  • Hiland Park
  • Hutchison Beach
  • Jinks
  • Lucille Moore
  • Lynn Haven
  • Merritt Brown
  • Mosley
  • Mowat
  • New Horizon
  • Northside
  • Oscar Patterson
  • Parker
  • Patronis
  • Rosenwald
  • Rutherford
  • Southport
  • St. Andrews
  • Surfside
  • Tommy Smith
  • Tyndall
  • Waller
  • Walsingham
  • West bay
  • Franklin County School
  • Bethlehem School
  • Bonifay
  • Holmes County High
  • Ponce De Leon High
  • Poplar Springs School
  • Cottondale Elementary
  • Cottondale High
  • Graceville
  • Jackson Alternative
  • Marianna Elementary
  • Marianna Middle
  • Marianna High
  • Sneads
  • Hosford
  • W.R. Tolar
  • Freeport Elementary
  • Freeport Middle
  • Maude Saunders
  • Mossy Head Elementary
  • Paxton
  • Walton Middle
  • Walton High

No Cost Services

If your child lacks insurance, there will be no charge for the services provided. For insured or Medicaid-covered children, PanCare will bill the insurance for the services and cover any copay fees. Services are provided to families at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

School-Based TeleHealth

School-Based TeleHealth is an innovative and established model to complement and expand existing school health services to meet the needs of children through the use of technology, i.e. interactive audio, video, or other telecommunications or electronic technology that connects the child and the nurse in the school to a health care provider in another location.

The program’s goal is to keep children healthy, in school, ready and available to learn.

Students at participating Bay District School locations are eligible to enroll in the School-Based TeleHealth program.

The program will provide acute care services such as checking for ear infections and sore throats. If needed the health care provider examining the child will write a prescription that can be sent electronically to the family’s pharmacy.

Parents/Guardians have the option to complete the TeleHealth Services Consent form that will be sent home with students. Consent forms will also be available on the school’s website and in the school nurse’s office.

If you do not have insurance, the fees for the services provided will be waived. If you do have insurance/Medicaid, PanCare will bill for services provided in the Telehealth clinic with parental consent. No child will be refused treatment due to inability to pay. If you still have questions, please contact PanCare Billing Department at 850-215-3178.

Medical Services will be provided during the school day, with the exception of school holidays, at participating school locations.

With your consent, the School-Based Telehealth Clinic will give your child the opportunity to be seen by a PanCare Florida licensed healthcare provider without having to leave school. An explanation of services offered by the Telehealth school clinic is listed below. You do not have to be present for your child to be seen; however, a consent form must be signed by you in order for any telemedicine services to be rendered.

Strep, Flu, and Urine Analysis may be performed at the school clinic. If additional labs are ordered by the telemedicine provider, you may take your child to the lab at PanCare of Florida, Inc. or any lab you prefer.

Yes. Students will be seen in the school health room by the school health tech. However, they will not be seen by a TeleHealth provider unless the TeleHealth Services Consent form is completed for the School-Based TeleHealth program.

PanCare of Florida, Inc. medical professionals in conjunction with the school nurse will provide medical services for the School-Based TeleHealth program.

Monitoring of the TeleHealth system will be done in accordance with Florida State guidelines/regulations and standards of practice for TeleHealth. Protocols will provide guidance on the implementation of the project and to assure compliance with State medical regulations regarding but not limited to HIPAA, FERPA, and medical practice. Confidentiality of medical records will be maintained according to electronic health records standards and regulations.

Medical records will be maintained by PanCare of Florida, Inc. As typical of any other health care provider, parents always have access to their child’s records.