Building for the FUTURE

As the needs of the community continue to evolve, so does PanCare. With excitement, we unveiled plans in 2021 to build a regional medical campus in Bay County, Florida. The PanCare Regional Healthcare Center, featuring five buildings, will offer primary and specialty care services on a sliding fee scale, ensuring affordability for all. It’s the first of its kind in Northwest Florida!

PHASE ONE: Pharmacy, Optometry Center, Walk-In Clinic (2023)

PHASE TWO: New / Expanded Primary Care Clinic (2024)

PHASE THREE: Women’s Health Center (TBA)

PHASE FOUR: Speciality Care Center (TBA)

PHASE FIVE: Multi-Purpose Center (TBA)

Looking ahead, we have successfully secured resources to kickstart construction on the second phase of the Regional Healthcare Center in 2024.

This upcoming expansion will see the creation of a cutting-edge Primary Care Clinic, aiming to elevate the standards of medical services for all. The new clinic will be a true gem in Northwest Florida, designed to accommodate the needs of patients efficiently and with the highest quality of care in mind. Boasting 12 encounter rooms, the facility will have ample space to cater to a wide array of medical needs. The Primary Care Clinic will continue to utilize our onsite x-ray and lab, to streamline the diagnostic process, allowing healthcare professionals to provide accurate assessments and timely results. By leveraging these advanced tools, we aim to offer an easy and effective healthcare experience to all individuals in our care.

We have set our sights on further enriching their regional complex with an array of specialty providers, catering to diverse medical needs. With exciting plans for cardiovascular, gastroenterology, and more, the upcoming expansion promises to be a notable enrichment for the community. Our specialized care extends to women’s health, with a dedicated women’s clinic on the horizon. PanCare stands ready to adapt and grow, ensuring that we can continue to provide the highest standard of care to our patients.

This expansion is great news for the local workforce. In addition to the existing team of over 300 employees, the construction of the PanCare Regional Healthcare Center brings with it the creation of over 100 new jobs. We are paving the way for a more robust and inclusive healthcare landscape. The continued investment in comprehensive healthcare and job creation reinforces our role as a pillar of hope and healing in the area.

By centralizing these vital services on one campus, we will streamline healthcare, making it convenient and accessible for all… We are focused on quality and affordability, this center sets a new standard for healthcare, being the first of its kind in Northwest Florida to offer specialty services on a sliding-fee scale.
– Robert Thompson, CEO

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