Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

Welcome to the PanCare Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program, designed with your well-being in mind!

In 2016, our program earned accreditation from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), reflecting our unwavering commitment to offering you top-quality education. Our ten-hour program, delivered through personalized visits with our diabetes educator, prioritizes your education and empowerment.

Our classes are usually covered by insurance, with no out-of-pocket costs, ensuring affordability for all participants.

Getting Started

Express your interest in our program to your doctor for a referral. Once referred, we’ll partner with you to schedule sessions, putting your journey towards effective diabetes management in motion.

You’re not alone on this path. We’re here, committed to supporting you toward a healthier, more informed future. Your well-being matters—let’s walk this journey together!

Personalized Approach

We provide one-on-one, in-person sessions with our Diabetes Educator, ensuring content tailored to the unique needs of our patients. From insulin administration to blood glucose level monitoring, each session incorporates hands-on practice, videos, demonstrations, and complimentary take-home materials.

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or managing diabetes for years, these classes offer invaluable insights beyond regular clinic appointments, keeping you updated on essential information and medications.

Educational Focus

Aligned with the AADE Diabetes Education Curriculum, our program covers crucial topics—Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Medication Management, Problem Solving, Healthy Coping, and Risk Reduction—adapted to suit each participant’s needs.

Ongoing Support

Enrollees receive comprehensive support materials and ongoing accessibility to our diabetes educator for queries or concerns, even after program completion. Additionally, we encourage annual two-hour follow-ups to ensure continued guidance.

Flexible Scheduling

We value your time. We designed classes around your schedule, and sessions typically run between 30 minutes to an hour, adaptable to your needs.

For Additional Information

For additional information, such services or scheduling an appointment, please contact us. Together, let’s build healthier communities!

Donna Smith

Diabetes Educator


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