Diabetic Care

How Do I Get Affordable Diabetic Care In Bonifay and Freeport, FL, and other location?

Diabetes affects many parts of the body. It can cause oral health problems, tingling in the legs, numbness in the hands and feet, blurry vision, and many more serious symptoms. It’s important to visit your primary care doctor to receive a proper diabetic diagnosis so that you both can work as a team to create a treatment plan. Diabetes will increase the risk of developing serious health problems but with correct treatment and commitment to lifestyle changes, many people are able to avoid obstacles. 

Caring for Diabetes

Diabetes is diagnosed through glucose tests, and/or blood tests. There are three types of diabetes. The treatment plan will depend on the diagnosis.
● Type 1 Diabetes - usually diagnosed in children and young adults, only 5% have this form. In this type of diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. Instead, it breaks down sugars and starches into glucose, which it uses for energy. Insulin Therapy is a form of treatment to manage this condition.
● Type 2 Diabetes - the body resists insulin in this type of diabetes. At first, the pancreas creates extra insulin to make up for it, but over time the pancreas can’t keep up and will lead to unhealthy blood glucose levels. Type 2 is treated with lifestyle changes, oral medications, and insulin.
● Gestational diabetes - this type of diabetes affects pregnant mothers and the unborn child. Treatment for gestational diabetes includes a special diet and meal plan along with scheduled physical activity. 

Fast Facts on Diabetes

● It is important to control this condition - keeping diabetes under control can lower the chances of developing heart disease, stroke, eye disease, nerve damage, or kidney failure.
● Many people who have diabetes are unaware that they have it - early diagnosis and treatment will prevent future health complications.
● Some people are at higher risk for diabetes than others - those with a higher risk include patients who are older than 45, are overweight, have high blood pressure, a family history of the condition, and/or had diabetes during pregnancy. 

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