Diabetes Education

About the Program

PanCare’s Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program is a ten (10) hour program which is delivered through individual visits with one of our Diabetes Educators. PanCare Health began offering this program in February of 2016. In June of 2016, the PanCare Diabetes Self-Management Education Program received accreditation status from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). Obtaining this accreditation shows our dedication to the DSME program and to providing our patients with quality education.

Individualized Classes

All education sessions are held in person with a Diabetes Educator one-on-one. Each session is individualized as necessary based on assessed need, age, type of diabetes, cultural factors, health literacy and numeracy, comorbidities, and learning style preferences. Our patients are provided hands-on practice with giving insulin and/or checking blood glucose levels. The education sessions include videos, demonstrations, and free materials to take home and review.

Curriculum/Education Topics

PanCare Health has adopted the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Diabetes Education Curriculum. The following topics are covered during the program: Healthy Eating, Being Active, Monitoring, Taking Medications, Problem Solving, Healthy Coping and Reducing Risks. Again, this program and the topics covered are individualized to meet each patient’s needs.

Scheduling/Length of Classes

PanCare’s Diabetes Self-Management Education program is available at all of our medical clinics. We work with our patients to set up class days and times that best fit their schedule. The length of each class is determined by the individual and our Diabetes Educator. Each class is typically 30 minutes to 1 hour and can be longer, if needed.

Who Should Attend

These classes are excellent for individuals who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes, as well as, those who have had diabetes for many years. There’s a lot to learn and the classes provide valuable information that cannot fully be taught at regular clinic appointments. Attending these classes help our patients stay up to date on new information, medications and more which encourages and assists them in managing his/her diabetes.

Ongoing Support

All individuals enrolled in the Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program will receive support materials. Our diabetes educators are available to all participants by phone, when questions or concerns arise. After the completion of the program, each individual is encouraged to return for a two hour follow-up class yearly.


Classes are generally covered by insurance however, regardless of whether insurance covers this education or not there is no out of pocket cost to our patients for this education.

Getting Started

All patients with diabetes are encouraged to attend this program, please be sure to discuss attending with your provider. The provider will write a referral for diabetes education and one of our Diabetes Educators will contact you to schedule your first class.

For More Information Please Contact:

Donna Smith, RN - (850) 747-5272 ext. 16