PanCare Health is currently conducting COVID-19 testing in Bay County. PanCare Health clinics do not have testing kits on-site. Testing is only being conducted at an off-site location; if you present to a PanCare Health clinic for testing, you will be turned away and asked to complete the 4-step process outlined below.

To qualify for testing, you must complete all of the 4 following steps, or you will be turned away at the testing site.

Step 1: Exhibit symptoms and meet the criteria as stated above.

Step 2: Call the PanCare COVID-19 response line at (850) 215-4181

Step 3: Conduct an over the phone screening to ensure CDC criteria has been met.

Step 4: Upon qualifying for testing, you will be assigned a unique id number and given an appointment date and time.  You must present this id number at your appointment with your photo id when you arrive at the off-site testing location.

Our COVID-19 response line team is available at (850) 215-4181 Monday-Friday 9 am-4 pm to conduct phone screenings.

Testing will only be performed on people who meet the current CDC criteria for testing.

Priorities for Testing Patients with Suspected COVID-19 Infection