• Living a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle
    Living a heart-healthy Lifestyle On your path toward good heart health, you'll encounter many pitfalls, so this journey requires a lifestyle dedicated to becoming better with the good habits, and with Read more
  • Diabetes and Oral Health
    Dental Health and Diabetes: What You Should Know to Avoid Complications Maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile starts with good oral hygiene.  But for 26 million people with diabetes, brushing and flossing Read more
  • Are Dental Implants Right For Me?
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  • Diabetes and Pregnancy
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  • The Importance of Having a Primary Care Doctor
    A primary care doctor is your one-stop health care provider. At PanCare of Florida, our physicians and their support staff center on you, your family, and your wellness needs. From Read more
  • Visiting Your Primary Care Doctor
    Visiting Your Primary Care Doctor. If you've managed to remain accident and ailment free for some time it can be easy to push your visits with your doctor to the back Read more
  • Reliable and Affordable Care for Your Needs
    Every patient should have immediate access to low cost, reliable health care. Better access to care means better health for all. PanCare of Florida in Marianna, FL, offers services at Read more
  • Taking Care of Yourself When You Have Diabetes
    When you first find that you have diabetes, it can be challenging to know what to do next. How do you take care of yourself when you have diabetes? The Read more
  • What Exactly Constitutes Urgent Care?
    It's midnight and you've fallen, possibly spraining your wrist. Or your child's arm is swollen from a bee sting, and the pediatrician's office is closed. Your urgent care center in Read more
  • Urgent Care vs. Emergency Care
    When you need prompt medical attention but are not experiencing an emergency situation, urgent care can meet your needs. An urgent care clinic delivers essential medical care for non-emergency situations, Read more
  • When Should You Go To Urgent Care?
    Sometimes you need prompt medical care even though you are not experiencing an emergency situation. Urgent care provides immediate medical treatment for certain non-emergency illnesses and injuries that still require Read more
  • The Importance of Mental Health
    Your best health isn't just physical. While how your heart, bones, muscles and nerves function is important, how you think, feel and interact with those around you impact all aspects Read more
  • The Importance of Preventive Care
    Are you interested in receiving preventative care from your primary care doctor here at PanCare of Florida? Read more
  • Do You Have Diabetes?
    With a prompt diagnosis, adequate care, and healthy habits, you can successfully live with your diabetes. If you are concerned about diabetes, consult your Marianna Primary Care doctor today at 850-394-4907 for a consultation Read more
  • What Can a Primary Care Doctor Do For You?
    There are dozens of types of doctors with various specialties in the medical field. When most patients refer to their personal doctor, they are talking about their PCP or primary Read more
  • Reasons to Go to Urgent Care
    Urgent care makes it possible to receive prompt medical treatment when needed. To inquire about urgent care or to speak with a Marianna, FL, primary care doctor, contact PanCare Health’s Marianna location at (850) 394-4907. Read more