Living a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

Living a heart-healthy Lifestyle

On your path toward good heart health, you'll encounter many pitfalls, so this journey requires a lifestyle dedicated to becoming better with the good habits, and with cutting out the bad. It's not a journey you need to set forth on your own, you can depend on your Marianna, FL, primary care doctor of PanCare of Florida to help you along the way. Contact them for much more information about what you can do to be heart-healthy.


Carrying excess weight can contribute to your chances of complications from heart disease. So a heart-healthy lifestyle should incorporate a heart-healthy diet. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires a food label attached to most of the food you buy. Learn to understand what these numbers mean with a quick visit to the FDA's website to know what you're putting into your body every day. Your doctor can help you develop a balanced diet that is tailored to your needs.


Exercise can further help in managing excess weight, but it can also help reduce stress, another risk factor for heart disease. It's very important to learn to manage it as it impacts your body from various fronts. Both directly, and by encouraging the bad habits you may be trying to avoid. Besides exercise, getting enough sleep every night can also help keep stress manageable, and so can a hobby and the ever-important time with loved ones.

Other Bad Habits

Smoking is one of the aforementioned bad habits, and it's one of the most crucial ones to cut from your lifestyle. If you are trying to improve your heart health there may be no other way around but to quit. Speak with your doctor about resources available to help you in this difficult task.

Heart Care in Marianna, FL

An important keystone of a heart-healthy lifestyle is to monitor your progress toward your goals. Coming into the office for regular checkups can let you and your doctor know how well you've been progressing, and where you might need some help. So schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor of PanCare of Florida by dialing (850) 394-4907 for Marianna, FL, and many other surrounding and nearby locations.