Diabetes and Pregnancy

A condition known as gestational diabetes is one that affects a number of women during pregnancy, especially those who fall under certain risk factors. It typically only lasts for the length of the pregnancy, but it does increase your chances of developing diabetes after giving birth, and if unmanaged during gestation, it can negatively impact your health and your child's.

It is important for your doctor to make sure you have prenatal care and to monitor you if you are showing symptoms of gestational diabetes. Make sure you have all the help you need by following the guidance and care of your healthcare professionals of PanCare Health, serving many counties in Florida including Marianna, FL.

Am I at Risk?

Generally, the same type of factors that put you at risk of developing diabetes are often those that can make gestational diabetes more probable.

Your race and background can increase your risk. Those of African, Hispanic, Native American, or Asian descent have an increased risk of developing the condition. Made much more likely if you have a family history of diabetes.

Your overall health is also a factor, such as if you were overweight before becoming pregnant, or have gained a significant amount during pregnancy. There are other elements to consider, such as your age, and past pregnancies, but your doctor can better appraise your risks.

If you are already pregnant you may want to look out for symptoms such as excessive thirst and more frequent urination, along with possible blurred vision and fatigue. But symptoms of gestational diabetes tend to be rare and you would be better served by a thorough examination by your doctor.

Gestational Diabetes Treatment in Marianna, FL

Your doctor will guide you toward the best course of treatment to help manage the condition to make your pregnancy and delivery a healthy one. The first course of action is usually a change in your health habits as your doctor monitors your progress with in-office checkups.

Wherever you are on your pregnancy journey, it's important to come in for a visit with your health experts of PanCare Health in Marianna, FL, and many other nearby locations. Make an appointment by dialing (850) 394-4907.