The Importance of Having a Primary Care Doctor

A primary care doctor is your one-stop health care provider. At PanCare of Florida, our physicians and their support staff center on you, your family, and your wellness needs. From acute injury to vaccinations to the management of chronic health issues, your primary care doctor in Marianna, FL, practices general medicine which is anything but general.

Your annual check-up

Each family member should visit a primary care physician at PanCare of Florida once a year for a routine physical exam. This simple assessment:

  • Checks vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respirations)
  • Tracks height and weight (and BMI)
  • Updates medical history and vaccinations
  • Provides counseling on weight management
  • Identifies lifestyle risks (tobacco, participation in sports, alcohol)
  • Checks muscle strength, gait, and reflexes
  • Counsels on exercise and nutrition

Your acute and chronic needs

If you have a cold, flu, an injury, pain, or other symptoms you cannot explain, your primary care physician will diagnose your problems and initiate a care plan which promotes healing and mobility and limits pain. Also, he or she manages medications and interventions for chronic issues such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, hypertension, depression, COPD, and more.

Maintaining your medical record

At PanCare of Florida, we will record and maintain all your medical information. As needed, we can distribute it to schools, employers, and others.

Coordinating specialized care

Sometimes, medical, emotional, and mental health problems require the expertise of a specialist. At PanCare of Florida, your primary care physician will initiate the referral and help you coordinate the care you need from other providers.

Expect friendly, respectful care

PanCare of Florida is your patient-centered medical home in Marianna, FL, and other locations throughout the state. If you desire a new primary care physician, please call us, and expect an on-time appointment that focuses on your specific needs. We even offer Telehealth visits, mobile clinics, and more.

Besides our Marianna, FL, office, we have 12 beautiful, fully-equipped locations to serve you. We look forward to seeing you and being your medical home. Phone us today at (850) 394-4907.