Visiting Your Primary Care Doctor

Visiting Your Primary Care Doctor.

If you've managed to remain accident and ailment free for some time it can be easy to push your visits with your doctor to the back of your mind, and out of your calendar. But it's a mistake to think of your doctor only when something has already gone wrong. To learn what they can do for you, reach out to your primary care physicians of PanCare of Florida in Marianna, FL, and many nearby locations.

The Importance of Primary Care

Having a primary care physician is a luxury many of us take for granted. They have an in-depth knowledge of your medical history, your risks, and most importantly, of you.

Waiting for the worst to call upon a doctor you know very little about, and they about you, puts you both always at zero with one another. Having to answer a myriad questions to bring them up to speed. While your primary care physician, if you've met with them regularly, may be able to anticipate problems before they arise, or tackle complications early on, and in doing so opening up the number of available treatments.

As you get older, your annual checkups become much more important. After about the age of 50, you begin to require yearly screenings for cancers and other chronic diseases. So having a relationship with your doctor helps you both in the long run.

Primary Care Doctor in Marianna, FL

When you meet with your doctor for your yearly checkup remember that this is the time for you to become more informed. Ask questions, talk to them about your goals, about what steps you can take to reach them. Bring with you the medication you're taking, even over the counter. A yearly checkup is a great time to assess what you need, and even what you may be able to do without.

Make an appointment with your local experts of PanCare of Florida by calling (850) 394-4907 for the Marianna, FL, location, or visit the website to learn about the many others available to find the closest one to you.