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What Exactly Constitutes Urgent Care?

It's midnight and you've fallen, possibly spraining your wrist. Or your child's arm is swollen from a bee sting, and the pediatrician's office is closed. Your urgent care center in Marianna, FL, can help with these situations and many more. At PanCare of Florida, our professional team bridges that gap between the primary care doctor and the ER. Get the right help at the right time.

Injury and Illness Happen at Inconvenient Times

Every primary care doctor wants to be available for chronic and acute illness and injury. However, offices do close for the day, but sickness never takes a break. In fact, the National Center for Health Statistics reports that 48 percent of the time, your physician is simply not available to you because your problem occurs off-hours.

Additionally, some health problems are not severe enough for a trip to a hospital emergency room. The most pressing of situations, such as life-threatening heart attacks or traumatic injures, go to the ER.

Here's where urgent care in Marianna, FL, at PanCare of FL comes in. Our professional team is ready to meet your pressing health care needs and conditions as they occur. Day or night, you'll receive accurate assessment quickly and the treatment you deserve all in one convenient location.

We are community-based urgent care with ten locations, including Marianna. There's also one near you to serve your medical and dental needs right away. Plus, you can speak with a health care provider by phone 24/7.

Urgent Needs Served

Here's what urgent care at PanCare of Florida provides:

  • Care for acute illnesses such as colds, flu, pneumonia, GI upset, ear, nose and throat infections, UTIs and more
  • Treatment of burns, lacerations (suturing), insect bites, sprains, and concussions
  • Allergy and asthma treatment
  • Diabetes management
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Strep testing
  • Blood work
  • Urine analysis

In short, if you need treatment right away, but your condition is not serious enough for a hospital ER, you need PanCare of FL and our urgent care experts. We are a non-profit organization and accept all medical insurances. With 10 locations and mobile medical and dental units, urgent care is readily available to you and your family, including in Marianna, FL.

Let Us Help

If you cannot access your primary care physician or wish to avoid the wait times of a hospital ER, contact PanCare of Florida in Marianna, FL, or one of our other locations. We treat urgent care needs quickly, and of course, walk-ins are welcome.