Affordable Therapy

affordable therapy in marianna, fl

Where To Find Affordable Therapy?

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental illnesses do not go away on their own. If a person is unable to get attentive care for an underlying psychological condition, it can be detrimental to his or her mental and physical wellness. Mental health helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices during every stage of life. If you or anyone you know, is struggling with depression, anxiety, or a form of mental illness, you can get a proper diagnosis, personalized treatment, and affordable therapy, regardless of your financial situation.

Affordable Therapy with Insurance

Most insurance plans offer coverage for some form of mental health treatment. Depending on the insurance plan, coverage will include mental health, and substance abuse. Therapy coverage varies from plan-to-plan, but none can refuse or deny coverage based on a pre-existing condition. 

For more information on affordable therapy, call the insurance provider and ask for professionals who accept your plan. If your insurance doesn’t cover the service you are searching for, ask about a plan that covers what you need.

Affordable Therapy Without Insurance

There are affordable therapy options available for those who are uninsured and/or have low-income. Free clinics are available to those in need, as well as community mental health centers. If you live near a research university, the students will train under licensed practitioners, and your information is always confidential.

Alternative Affordable Therapy Options

● Group therapy - if you aren’t shy around others and feel confident sharing your story with an audience, group therapy is often less expensive than individual therapy.

● Sliding scale therapy - a licensed therapist will address your emotional problems and mental health concerns using a fee structure to give people with lower resources a lower fee. 

● Tele-counseling - gives you the ability to interact with therapists virtually anywhere. The average session usually costs $125 but will depend on the rate of the therapist. Most online therapists charge anywhere from 1.75 to 4.99 per minute. 

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